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Administration of TUM

Organisational Structure of the University

Organisational Structure The University is structured upon a matrix-based organisational model, which promotes interaction between its units in order to develop the projects that embody its mission and objectives, while ensuring the efficient use of its means and resources.

Steering Committe

Steering Committe The highest level management of the University is Rector and is responsible for implementing the National and university policy. Academic committee and Administrative committee are the two main steering committees for the operation of University. Rector takes a chair at both committees and Head of Departments (HODs) are members of the steering committees. There are also academic committees at the department level.

Administrative Office

Dr. Sint Soe
Rector, Ph.D (Chemical Engineering)
ASEAN Engineer, P.E (Chemical)

  • Executive Committee Member of Myanmar Engineering Society (MES)

    Councilor of Myanmar Engineering Council (MEngr.C)

    Fellow Member of ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (F.AAET)

    Editor, Tech Digest Magazine (MES)

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Rector is the highest level management of KTU and is responsible for the implementation of National and University Policy.


Rector is the highest level management of KTU and is responsible for the implementation of National and University Policy.

University Policies

  • TUM intends to be a quality based building for higher education in engineering with the direction of specific profession University building's consists included academic curriculums, staffs' development, students' requirements, training facilities and good environment in management practice.
  • All staffs in University are responsible to participate the quality process by continual improvement


  • KTU is certified by Bureau Veritas for the implementation of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

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TUM is standing with the 63 years experiences of engineering education services. This is a great image of the University in Myanmar for long life education service.

TUM consists of six faculties and ten departments which are making efforts under the qualified process on teaching, learning and practical training for the outcomes based education of the students.

Contact Details

Telephone: 095-02-61594, 095-09-2016510
Fax: 095-02-61592
Email: info@tum-mandalay.edu.mm , Email: tumdyobo@gmail.com
Website: www.tum-mandalay.edu.mm

Technological University-Mandalay
Block 446/447, Aung Chan Thar Quarter,
Pathein Gyi Township, Mandalay City
Mandalay Region, Myanmar.